Ruslana Gee: A Rising Star At The Edge Of Fashion And Pop Culture

For this twenty-two-year-old beauty guru, style icon and YouTube star connecting with people and sharing her bracing lifestyle has always been a deep seated passion, and one that has taken her very far in her career.

Ruslana was born in the lively city of Baku, Azerbaijan and from a young age she knew her big dreams would take her far. After amassing a sizeable following on YouTube (over 1.4 million active subscribers) thanks to her widely popular vlogs which regularly include advanced beauty tips and tricks, her next move was to conquer Instagram and with it, a larger portion of the world.

Known for her impeccable dressing style and effortless natural radiance, Ruslana Gee has witnessed an unprecedented surge in user interest and interaction thanks to her hand-picked and extra stylish brand of original content, which she continuously shares with over 870,000 of her instagram followers.

Now based in Los Angeles, California – the young and captivating model has discovered a new facet of herself, devoting more time to travel, adventure and the discovery of exotic destinations.

With so many models and influencers on Instagram who portray a distasteful or over exaggerated self image, it´s easy to see why Ruslana´s followers keep increasing by double digits; Her feed is somewhat of a work of art, seamlessly blending the worlds of art, high fashion and unique travel destinations in one flawless montage of visual stimulation that serves to remind us why we love Instagram in the first place.