How Tanner Beard Turned Mammoth Film Festival Into the Most Sought-After Festival in Hollywood

Since its impressive debut in 2018, Mammoth Film Festival continues to demand the respect of the film and entertainment industry with a diverse slate of films and high caliber talent. In just three years, the festival has managed to more than double the number of films debuted in its festival.

With just six world premieres and 18 features its first year, the festival looks forward to premiering 15 this year with 22 films in total. With experienced industry vet Tanner Beard at the helm as Founder and President, Mammoth Film Festival is poised as one of the fastest growing festivals in the nation.

“There’s no 3rd year festival doing what we’ve been able to do in just three years, but it couldn’t be done without the help of our team, Tomik Mansoori, Alexandra Chando and Theo Dumont,” Beard says.

But to what do they owe their success? Thanks to a fortuitous cocktail of prime location in Hollywood’s backyard, elite talent and material mixed with the constant dedication of the founding team, Mammoth Film Festival has attracted the attention of Hollywood heavyweights like Quentin Tarantino, Zac Efron, Sophie Turner, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins and more. The hour-long plane ride from Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes proves far enough to be a desirable destination worth venturing to, but not far enough to deter talent and festivalgoers.

Running from February 27th to March 2nd, this year the festival’s biggest attractions include highly the anticipated documentary on Quentin Tarantino titled QT8: The First Eight on 35mm film, as well as horror favorite The Undead Series directed by Juliet Landeau, starring Gary Oldman among others. The festival additionally looks forward to premiering Tony Hawk’s documentary Pretending I’m A Superman and dark drama titled Now Is Everything starring Anthony Hopkins.

As it continues to emerge as a budding festival, its circuit furthermore proves its effectiveness when it comes to filmmakers getting business done. With countless success stories, MammothFF is starting to become known as a place where filmmakers want to world premiere, first timers want to debut, and where producers are getting their films in the hands of distribution companies.

Unlike most festivals, Mammoth Film Festival isn’t just about showcasing a slate of films. Unique from all others, MammothFF boasts a popular celebrity charity bowling tournament where previous years’ participants include Nina Dobrev, Josh Duhamel, Tom Welling and rapper Xzibit. Further adding to their repertoire, the festival will debut Mammoth Con this year where they will display a series of film-related products and games in convention-like fashion. And between its premiere of films, the bowling tournament and mini-convention, Mammoth Film Festival holds a series of summits where industry leaders, talent, filmmakers conduct interactive panels and discussions.

While it continues to gain recognition and notoriety from the Hollywood community, Mammoth Film Festival’s meteoric success is only imminent if not already a reality. Generating the same excitement and prestige as neighboring festivals Sundance and Toronto International Film Festival, Tanner Beard’s Mammoth Film Festival looks ahead with great anticipation for its future as it breaks barriers to elevate the standard for film festivals and is proud to be California’s favorite winter film festival.

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