Market leadership: A Look Inside Dan Bilzerian´s Ignite

This Internet sensation knows how to pull the heartstrings of mainstream America

A new consensus—backed by an overwhelming degree of leading authorities—is forming around the marketing genius of Internet tycoon Dan Bilzerian’s brainchild Ignite International.

From Maxim to Men’s Book to Daily Front Row to Yahoo, the underlying mechanics of Ignite’s blistering rise to success—as evidenced by its IPO (within just one year of inception) and the $100 million raise it’s currently accruing—have recently come to light.

As these publications have mutually observed (which previously had been drowned by noise made by the tabloids), Bilzerian’s larger than life shock-value persona was wittingly created, shaped and refined to consistently pull the triggers of the American populace, leaving both Bilzerian’s name as well as the brands he was synonymous with (Ignite) trending in the news on a recurring basis.

So as mainstream media stays obsessed gawking at Bilzerian’s latest jaw-dropping revelations—such as a potential 2024 presidential bid and plans to give up everything from social media to drinking—the brands he’s attached to earn billions of impressions and become symbolic of what makes Bilzerian so alluring.

When you look at this phenomenon through a marketing lens, it is clear that Bilzerian knows how to pull the heartstrings of mainstream America. Perhaps second only to President Donald Trump himself, Bilzerian’s given the public a non-stop saga of entertainment through which consuming Bilzerian’s message (and by extension his products) becomes downright addictive.