A Conversation With Influential African American Entrepreneur Gibson Kagni

In the midst of widespread geopolitical and socioeconomic disruption certain figures capture the spotlight not only due to their business triumphs, but also thanks to the guidance and inspiration their life stories provide to up and coming entrepreneurs.

Case in point, Mr. Gibson Kagni - an internationally renowned and award winning music producer turned brand building guru - who has had an active and undeniable positive impact within his community, always sharing his acute business expertise and helping guide the careers of global music superstars while acting as a shareholder and strategic consultant for leading companies across diverse industry sectors.

We spoke to Mr. Kagni and he shared his vision:

1. What has been the most inspiring portion of your journey from award winning music producer to shareholder and lead marketing consultant for a publicly traded company?

The knowledge I’ve acquired thanks to the mistakes I made to become who I am today, to become a motivational force for others and serve as a guide for the up and coming generation in the music industry, fashion and venture capital.

2. Fashion has always been one of your main creative outlets, what can we expect from your exclusive MMA label in 2020/2021?

2020 has been a very rough year for the world but it has also allowed us to value life and time so when it comes to fashion, the 2020 MMA collection is a revival of fashion; Meaning that as a young black entrepreneur I was able to realize the urban culture has been one of the biggest influences across the board for most major brands such as Balanciaga, Dior, Givenchy, etc. MMA represents the new generation’s quest to find the voice to bridge the gaps with all the madness happening right now. MMA will rise not only to be one of the biggest brands as far as style but also as a brand that will give back.

3. Can you share with our readers your expert perspective on the burgeoning CBD market and what can differentiate a brand as it reaches consumers?

CBD has become a new and exciting venture for me thanks to my mentors Vitaly and Igor who brought me on board on a journey that’s changing the world, with CBD being a multi-billion dollar industry we still have to take in consideration that there’s many brands out there but consumers are learning to differentiate the real from the fake. Our products such have been developed by top ranking scientists and we focus on delivering a superior experience to each and every client.

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