The True Story Behind America´s Sexiest Beverages

We are certainly a thirsty nation, and with market trends indicating a steady increase in the consumption of premium spirits across the country, bold and passionate entrepreneurs like Robert Tushinsky have quickly captured the spotlight.

But entrepreneurship is often learned from those who raise us, and chances are that if your upbringing included a front row ticket to the engulfing spectacle of true business creativity, you will develop a talent for cultivating winning ideas, and what´s more important, you might turn those ideas into unique products that in turn fuel the seemingly incessant consumer demand for superior quality niche offerings, and that is precisely what Robert did.

His father, Joseph – an accomplished international businessman who introduced Sony® for the first time to the western world in 1958 – taught him the value of building solid, long lasting business relationships. He taught the young entrepreneur to familiarize himself with other cultures and conduct business respectfully and wholeheartedly at all times.

But Robert´s father also planted a seed in his son´s mind, the idea of an elixir that when imbibed, could enhance feelings of well being unlike anything else the drinker had experienced before. He called it “Fruitka” and crafted small batches for his guests and business associates, who all raved about it.

After years of painstakingly reconstructing his father´s mythical, fruit-infused potion, Robert Tushinsky discovered the secret behind the liquid: a rare blend of natural herbs and organic extracts which have been known to increase libido and enhance both male and female performance when ingested.

Robert knew he was destined to immortalize his father´s legacy by turning what started as a personal passion born out of youthful curiosity into an uncontested vertical within the global spirits industry.

As the founder and CEO of 2XL Swagger Brands, Mr.Tushinsky has launched two of the most sought after brands in the market. Pink Kitty Liqueur (for her) and Easy Rhino Liqueur (for him) which are on the fast track to becoming a permanent fixture in the drinking routine of millions of avid consumers.

For investors, 2XL Swagger Brands´ current crowdfunding campaign represents a promising opportunity to acquire an interest in both brands as the company continues democratizing its equity offering so that early adopters, lifestyle aficionados and seasoned venture capitalists alike can secure a stake in what experts agree is poised to become one of the few companies at the forefront of a widespread shift in consumer predilections.