How Pink Lotus Elements Is Helping Americans Overcome Stress And Depression

As America and the world continue battling against the current pandemic, many of us have experienced a negative change in our moods during lockdown. Being in isolation has led to mood swings and even deep depression for many people; These are feelings that not everyone is used to dealing with and unfortunately some turn to alcohol and drug use, which eventually leads to an often uncontrollable downward spiral.

On a positive note, the world has turned to finding natural alternatives in the past few years, meaning that natural products such as the range of Saffrony mood support supplements created by leading company Pink Lotus Elements, is providing users with a natural alternative to chemical substances and widely used prescriptions such as Prozac®. Pink Lotus Elements is a leading women’s health and e-commerce brand, and has reported a significant spike in sales for its Saffrony Mood Support Supplements.

Saffrony Mood Supplements are created to promote healthy physiological functioning, while also supporting emotional health and mood balance. This supplement is an ancient medicinal spice, extracted from the beautiful Crocus Sativus Flower. 15mg twice a day (no more, no less) is said to be just as effective as 10mg of Prozac® in treating mood swings and mild to moderate depression.

This supplement has put 25 percent of its users into full remission, proving that natural alternatives do work, and are significantly better for your mind and body in the long run. A study showed that the botanical extract in Saffrony was as effective as the drug Imiparmine, proving yet again that this natural solution is just as effective as prescription medication.

While Saffron has also received a lot of media attention for its weight loss benefits, American consumers do need to understand the dosage precautions and why they matter, 15mg is clinically proven to be the efficient amount for optimal mood support.

Even before COVID-19, an estimated 16 million Americans were already grappling with depression, while as many as 80% of new mothers were experiencing postpartum depression. Mood issues have always been around, but the ongoing pandemic has certainly exacerbated those issues, meaning that more people than ever are searching for a solution – and a safe, effective one might finally be in sight.