Meet India´s youngest international pharmaceutical entrepreneur: Sanket Gokul Deore

n the outside, Sanket might look like a normal young man; However, beneath his unassuming exterior lies the seed of true greatness.

The twenty-four-year-old pharmaceutical entrepreneur has accomplished what seemed impossible: after graduating, the visionary young man built and scaled his own company, Perfect Pharma Enterprises, starting from nothing and working his way up to the top. Today, Sanket is widely recognized as one of India´s most promising young businessmen – even receiving an endorsement by global music superstar and philanthropist, AKON – while providing a myriad of market leading solutions for his clients.

“Sanket is a true entrepreneur, his passion for service and perfection really sets his company apart and guarantees customer satisfaction.”-Billboard® award winning singer & songwriter AKON affirms.

Sanket began building his company in the Nashik region, but quickly expanded his operations by delivering superior pharmaceutical solutions to large scale customers, as well as small and medium enterprises. By perfecting his business model, Gokul Deore has been able to position Perfect Pharma as the number one supplier in all of India.

But the young businessman´s legacy is not limited to his corporate endeavors; Sanket, much like his mentor, AKON, is a true humanitarian and a selfless philanthropist whose main objective is serving people and helping improve the quality of life for those around him (currently in his homeland, India, but with a global focus). Investors, general managers and high ranking purchase officers of many of India´s largest corporations have praised Mr. Gokul Deore´s tenacity and uncompromising standards of client attention.

“Perfection is our passion. This is our motto and I always want to live up to that standard because our clients deserve the very best. This is what I always remind my team, we are here to serve the customer better than anybody else.” –Sanket stated.

While many people have been negatively affected by the current global economic and social conditions, innovative and accomplished young entrepreneurs like Sanket Gokul Deore serve to inspire us, and remind us that everything is possible as long as you strive to provide superior quality service across the board, like Perfect Pharma Enterprises certainly does.