Chow420 Raises $1M in Seed Funding to Automate Compliance for the CBD Industry

Technology has undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our lives; From ordering a cup of coffee to getting around in driverless vehicles and everything in between, the age of the tech entrepreneur has seen humanity become more connected than ever before.

In every field there are key examples of how cutting edge innovations are successfully reimagining entire industries. When it comes to the CBD industry - one of America´s most promising - people like David Obasiolu, founder of Chow420 are leading the way as part of an ongoing technological revolution set to effect an industry which is projected to continue showing double digit growth in 2021; With research firm Brightfield Group expecting America´s hemp-based CBD market to surpass $12 billion by 2023.

As consumer habits continue undergoing a series of shifts, many have found that successfully navigating the regulatory environment can be a real challenge, and one that slows down commercial activity. For small and large business owners alike, being able to service nationwide customers who might prefer a particular CBD brand or product proved to be nothing short of an epic endeavor.

Given the fact that individual state CBD laws differ from each other, it is often complicated for CBD retailers to stay compliant online. However, Chow's founder, David Obasiolu has devised a way to automate compliance for both CBD retailers and customers by combining their age, location and state laws on Chow420's marketplace, helping democratize the space and allowing users and suppliers to connect like never before; Which in turn has made the company become a hot topic amongst institutional and retail investors alike.

Given the fact that explosive growth within the CBD industry has prompted the creation and marketing of countless brands, Chow's marketplace provides optimal transparency between retailers and customers by enforcing the public display of all necessary information about products from product content to lab results. By doing this, Chow believes they will be able to deliver the highest quality products for customers on a daily basis through retailers on the platform.

David has always stressed the importance of details, so it should come as no surprise that thanks to Chow420´S user-friendly interface and superior technology, for the first time online, customers can now learn about CBD, shop CBD and comply with all state laws and regulations online in real time. That ́s what makes Chow420 a game changer which expert analysts have predicted will be a driving force for extending e-commerce to all restricted sectors with a high level compliance in mind.

In a recent interview, founder David Obasiolu discussed the vision behind the company:

1. What has been your biggest milestone or achievement to date as the founder of Chow420?

The most significant milestone for Chow420 has been the compliance algorithm. Compliance with State laws and regulations is the biggest challenge that cannabis eCommerce stores face daily. Chow420 is an end-to-end platform that is paving the way for the CBD market. With the use of smart identities, the Chow420 algorithm promotes the acceptance and transparency of the marketplace with regulatory bodies online.

2. How do you believe the use of your technology will impact the CBD market as a whole?

Chow420 brings integrity for both customers and dispensaries involved in CBD transactions online. Our goal at Chow420 is to ensure that all CBD products sold through the Chow420 platform are safe and legal for use.

3. How did the company get its start, and where do you see it going?

We started small through an automated dispensary and an online marketplace. However, the pandemic emphasized challenges surrounding operational restrictions for CBD retailers online. With most of the market transferring to e-commerce stores, the team saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between CBD dispensaries and regulatory bodies. The goal at Chow420 is to become the go-to place for the emerging billion-dollar CBD industry.