Why Praveen `Prav´Chelliah is a New Kind of Entrepreneur

While new generations seem to have an insatiable appetite for professional success, only some entrepreneurs can effectively turn their ideas into profitable businesses. Whether we´re talking about tech, real estate or any other industry, it is safe to say that one quality seems to stand out when looking at these new moguls in the making like Toronto based Praveen Chelliah; That quality is work ethic.

The young business visionary and established lifestyle guru has seized the moment and successfully positioned himself and his robust portfolio of companies at the forefront of the ever evolving “new normality”.

“In the real estate realm, (Canada wise), I see housing prices increasing outside of the greater Toronto Area, as the pattern now points to people wanting to get out of major cities like Toronto, or New York City for example in the United States. People are tired of the fast life and crowds and noise. My real estate firm Bloomfield Homes has been seeing significant housing demand increase outside the Greater Toronto Area, in contrast to condo pricing in downtown areas of Toronto dropping.” –Prav explains.

Chelliah´s companies include The Bloomfield Group – a leader in high quality developments, Pluto Plants (a household name within Canada´s burgeoning legal cannabis industry) and the rapidly expanding ultra premium alcoholic beverage brand Ballers champagne, which has seamlessly ignited a profound revolution at the core of this ultra competitive business vertical which has seen A-list stars like Jay Z and Drake fight for market share.

“The main change I forecast is the shift of the global market to an everything online market place. This thought is further exaggerated during this Covid-19 pandemic we are facing. Many retailers are forced to do business online, and of course what we see is the ones who don’t adapt are slowly going under.” Mr. Chelliah affirms