2XL Swagger Launches Alluring Romance Enhancement Kits As Part Of New Offerings

2XL Swagger Brands, the company founded by American entrepreneur and spirits industry innovator, Robert Tushinsky has launched their much anticipated romance enhancement kits which sold out in record time.

These enticing add-ons make the already memorable experience of drinking EasyRhino and PinkKitty liqueurs even more unique, as they serve to complement the distinctive offering that makes these spirits a consumer favorite: the way they make you and your partner feel in the moments leading up to intimacy.

Reviews from people who have tried these spirits quite literally, speak for themselves.

A customer named Sariah said: “Best drink ever, the way the PinkKitty made me feel was magical, I can't explain the night I went through with this drink 10/10 you don't need a lot.”

Someone named Richie complemented: “I was leary of it but decided we'd give it a try. You can taste the herbs and once you start it really does work I highly recommend.”

The secret behind the success both brands have experienced is directly linked to the original recipe, the passion with which it was perfected after being passed on by Robert´s father who had originally named it “fruitka” and the commendable entrepreneurial spirit and drive that has kept 2XL Swagger growing – even in the midst of what proved to be one of the most challenging years for businesses in America.

Throughout the good times and the rough times, the company´s mission to create the finest elixirs and delivering a sense of indescribable warmth and playful anticipation that elevates every encounter to previously unknown levels of pleasure, has been the main driving force behind the competitive advantage that PinkKitty and EasyRhino have gained across many major metropolitan markets in the United States, making the company behind the brands, 2XL Swagger, a regular fixture in the chats amongst investors and industry connoisseurs who look for businesses that offer strong growth projections.

With the launch of its romance enhancement kits, the company has experienced a dramatic increase in direct to consumer demand, with units going out of stock shortly after becoming available and fans of the brand wondering when new merchandise will be available.

“Our brands are all about sensuality and adding value to the consumer´s experience, so we wanted to put something together that would aid in addressing all the senses and promote more intimate time through increased foreplay.” -Robert Tushinsky stated – “I read somewhere that researchers found on average that for heterosexual couples, women tended to feel that longer foreplay is ideal, while men significantly underestimated the amount of foreplay their partners desired. Our kits were designed to serve the purposes of increasing arousal and to lead to an increased experience of pleasure and intensity.” – he affirmed.

A company that understands what customers want and gives it to them is bound to be successful. When it comes to the experience associated with his products, Tushinsky knows exactly what he´s offering and knows how to double down on it. From day one, his brands were created to be the sexiest spirits brands on the market, and today, many would tell you they are.

Focused on the adventurous and those people who don´t let their inner flame burn out, PinkKitty and EasyRhino offer a distinctive drinking experience that is accentuated by the herbal infusions and the wonderful effects that these components offer as part of the product´s unique experience offering that has captivated even some of the most discerning spirits enthusiasts, such as this author.