Meet Pietro Pizzorni: The Multi-Talented Designer & Musician Making His Way To The Top

Aesthetic and class is everything to breakthrough fashion and music icon - Pietro Pizzorni. Pizzorni’s style pays homage to the classic epitome of a gentleman.

Three years ago, Pizzorni began building a relationship with Stitched - A high end Las Vegas based menswear retailer. Since then, Pizzorni has rarely been seen in casual wear. Dressing in three piece suits and waistcoats on a day to day basis is the new norm for this talented guru, his talents and impeccable self-representation are taking his name far and wide, he is also known as “The Progressive Gentleman”.

Pizzorni has earned himself an impressive Instagram following of over 120,000 people - with his iconic smoldering looks and array of natural gifts, this comes as no surprise.

Music is something Pizzorni has loved since he was a child - as a DJ himself for over 12 years, he has an array of knowledge of the industry and also knows how to play various range of instruments, such as the violin, the piano and the guitar.

It wasn’t until he developed a knack for playing the drums that he saw correlation between percussion and producing tech house music. From 2005 to 2009, Pizzorni stuck to playing rock n roll and was the member of a rock band for four years.

His passion for the drums and electronic music has led him down a different path than mainstream electronic music - his love for both genres has inspired him to produce and perform melodic techno. He produces his music through Logic Pro and Ableton. The difference between Pizzorni and other artists is his incredible ability to incorporate a range of genres into his music - he aims to include rock and even jazz music into his unique sound.

“I listen to rock as much as I listen to electronic music,” Pizzorni says. “Rock had a different live kind of magic than electronic music does, which led me to fall in love with it originally. I’m going to start incorporating live drums into my DJ sets, using drum kits and pads during the show to diversify my sound.” Currently, the talented icon is in the process of mixing Female vocals from a world-renowned rock band over electronic patterns.

Earlier this year in March, Pizzorni released his single AXIOM via Go Deeva Records, which ended up on the Top 10 charts of Beat Port. Pizzorni’s newest hit Elevate is now out on all major streaming platforms and features Adler XCVI. This song is going to be on repeat on your playlist, it’s an incredibly catchy song and has an incredible beat. To keep up with the Pizzani - his music skills and dapper style - follow him on Instagram.