NFL Star Marshall Newhouse Shares Inspirational Advice On The Antony Gordon Show

In a world where there are many distractions leading us away from our ideal paths, having guidance and advice is often what we need to get us back on track.

The Antony Gordon Show, known around the world as a “GPS for life” is guiding people all around the world in a positive direction, one podcast at a time.

Recently featured on the show was NFL star Marshall Newhouse. As a person with 10 years experience in the intense world of professional football, Newhouse has certainly attained an array of valuable knowledge, not only about football; but life, and how to overcome the obstacles that many of us face.

As a show that aims to uncover the stories of successful people and turn their experiences into case studies that can teach us all, Newhouse is certainly an ideal candidate.

Like many others at Newhouse’s level, he understands that life is not what happens to you, but what you make of it - this is a recurring theme in the show and something that we all need to keep in mind. Our experiences do not define us, but our actions do. In the words of Newhouse; “It’s less about the things that you put in front of you and more about how you react to them in the moment, and then long term. I throw determination at hard situations, and use that as well as being adaptable.”

Newhouse has taken precautions to ensure that his future post-football does not end in bankruptcy or the feeling of no purpose, he has used his unique resources to learn and seek new information while also teaching others the knowledge that he has gathered. He is a true role model to people all around the world, using his large platform to influence others to do good and to prosper, rather than to “flex” for 15 minutes of fame.

Between chats about football and Newhouse’s time with the renowned Patriots, host Antony Gordon’s ability to really connect on a deeper level and his thought provoking questions brought about a beautiful message; “We forget that we are all connected, and due to this there’s a chance to have a serious effect on someone's life by being a beacon of light for them, whether it's a small act or taking on the position of a role model to guide someone or push them along in the right direction” - Newhouse. This is something that we can all apply to our lives. If everybody truly tried to make a positive impact in some way, it would be a different planet.

To hear the full episode and to see the rest of The Antony Gordon Show’s library, head to Spotify or Apple Podcasts - and prepare to be inspired.