Community Leader Lavon Moore on Raising a Successful Entrepreneur

ntrepreneurs are the backbone of America, but what is the secret to achieving success even in the face of major challenges? Studies indicate that everything starts at home.

Children who go on to become successful can trace the origins of their achievements to their upbringing – the morals, values and mindset instilled by their parents from an early age – is proven to be a difference maker.

For Lavon Moore, a beloved community leader and devoted mother there is no greater joy than witnessing her daughter (and CEO of America´s fastest growing independent premium vodka brand) Amber Ferrell-Steele thrive and accomplish her goals, while helping others do the same.

We spoke to Lavon, and this is what she shared with us:

1. What are the core values you taught Amber when she was growing up?

The core values that were modeled for my daughter Amber was authenticity and the need to not only develop your brand but always present the most authentic version of yourself. I knew from the moment she took her first breath that she had such a sprinkling of "it" dust. During her birth that little face bobbled all around the room, taking in the scene and its occupants. She then locked a smiling gaze at me as if to say "hey mom it's me, are we ready for this?" And that is the way she has lived her life unapologetically true. I taught her that the world and its people require you to be kind, honest, sincere and trustworthy. I am happy to say that she carries out these virtues in her day to day life. Lastly, I wanted her to always be supportive and a true friend. I think that is perhaps her greatest accomplishment. If she befriends someone it is a lifetime investment.

2. As your daughter’s company, Timeless Vodka, continues to grow...could you share some advice for the parents of other young entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is extremely important to me as it was for Amber's dad. We both felt strongly that if one was not gifted with generational wealth it was important to identify and pursue economical opportunities to better your station in life. We believe in the American Dream, that one can really pull himself up from his boot straps if he is willing to invest time, labor and has a good product. It is most important to allow our children to dream and to be supportive of their dreams and visions. I think of many dreams that fall by the wayside because there was little support of the child's vision. As parents we must show unconditional support and love.

3. In your experience, what would you say is the key to leading a meaningful personal and professional life?

I think the key to leading a meaningful personal and professional life is that of joy and faith. Joy in making work play and play work. Joy in knowing that you have an abundance to give and are happy to share it in a venture. Having a strong faith in God is paramount to your well being and to the heights you are able to soar.

Being in Amber's midst is like an instant webinar on the heights authenticity, kindness, ethical living, strong faith and the gift of being a sincere friend can carry you to successful horizons. I do love this girl and all that she is about, a little dash of me and a little dash of her dad and a whole lot of the village in which she was raised!